Gold Toe Gear Socks

Gold toe gear socks : Gold platform heels : White gold cameo ring.

Gold Toe Gear Socks

gold toe gear socks

gold toe gear socks – injinji Performance

injinji Performance Micro Toesocks,White,Medium
injinji Performance Micro Toesocks,White,Medium
Anatomical Interface System (AIS) is engineered to separate your toes with a CoolMax moisture wicking lining and a resistant nylon outer shell built with Lycra fibers, to create a thin, anti-friction membrane that is both lightweight and breathable. Seamless in construction, the tetratsok forms to every contour of your feet. This allows for true restriction free movement from your heel to five toes,encourages healthy circulation, and eliminates skin on skin contact between your toes to prevent blistering from occurring.

1972 Raleigh Professional Mark IV

1972 Raleigh Professional Mark IV
Raleigh Professional Mark IV 1972
Model DL-180, serial no. F8165 (1971 frame) 1972 build

Purchased as a complete machine on eBay in May 2011 for $1,125
Back on the road 29 June 2011

Considering my affinity for primo 1970s road iron, it’s taken me a long time to finally add one of the great icons of that era to my collection, the classic "blue mink and silver" Raleigh Professional. Hardly uncommon and often found in good condition, I settled on this example in that it’s unusual being a 1971 Mark III frameset (F serial no.) built up in 1972 as a Mark IV in original factory paint in "blue mink" and silver instead of the usual mink (coffee brown) shown in the 1972 catalogue. I also wanted an early year Pro when the build quality was excellent and featuring the original criterium geometry.

In virtually as new condition, complete and original throughout and, according to the seller (it was his dad’s bike) with less than 200 miles on it. It looks it! Other than new ‘bar tape, brake hoods and tyres and a closer-ratio freewheel, she’s virtually in "as delivered" condition 39 years ago.

The Raleigh Professional(s)

A brief summation of the various marques and sub-variations of this long-lived model is helpful. All of these were based on, designed by and built by Carlton in Worksop rather than by Raleigh in Nottingham and were essentially rebadged variants of Carlton frames. Acquired by Raleigh in 1960, Carlton had the reputation in the racing and clubmen circuit which Raleigh lacked and all of the top-end Reynolds 531 production except for a single Raleigh frameset was given over to Worksop under the direction of Gerald O’Donovan. Given the dominance of the brand in the United States, Carltons were badged as Raleighs (or in early examples also as Dunelts) although they all had Carlton decals as well as Raleigh and the Carlton association was stressed. As such, they formed one of the most successful of lightweight cycle ranges in the United States and helped usher in and further "The Bike Boom" of the early to mid 1970s.

Mark I: serial no. prefixes C,D,E for 1968, 69 and 70 manufacture. Based on the Carlton Professional model with conventional semi-wrapover seat stays, Davis sloping fork crowns and short, rapid taper chain stays with no dimples and plain Brampton lugs. 72 deg. angles. Zeus drop-outs but some with Campagnolo (rear), no name front. 120 mm rear spacing. 5-speed freewheel. Top tube braze-ons for bare-wire brake cabling. White livery, no chrome, special Raleigh 75th anniversary headbadge. Full Campagnolo componentry but Weinmann Vainquer 999 brakeset. GB or Weinmann stem/Brampton ‘bars. Brooks small rivet Professional saddle. Weinmann 293 sprint rims. 172.5 mm cranks

Mark II: F serial no. prefix for 1971 manufacture and said to be limited to 500 framesets but evidence of this running into at least 529 as individually numbered decaled. A classic example of conflict between catalogue and production year, this appears in the "1970" catalogue which specifically mentions "only 500 will be made in 1970" but, in fact, all of the Mark IIs have F serials nos. indicating they were actually made in 1971. The Mark II was based on the Carlton Giro d’Italia frameset (introduced in 1965) with fastback seat stays, rapid taper chainstays with no dimples, high bottom bracket, 73 deg. angles but with the Davis sloping fork crown of the Mark I. Campagnolo drop-outs with mudguard eyelets. Nervex bb. 122 mm rear spacing. 5-speed freewheel. Chromed 10.5" front fork socks and fork crowns only. Haden Latin Line lugs. No braze ons except rear derailleur cable stop. Mink/silver livery. All Campagnolo components including brakeset. 3ttt Grand Prix stem/GB bars. Brooks small rivet Professional saddle. Weinmann 293 sprint rims. 172.5 mm cranks

Mark III: serial no. prefix F for 1971 manufacture. Same frame as the Mark II but with 9" chromed rear triangle ends. 122 mm rear spacing. 3ttt Record stem/GB ‘bars. Brooks small rivet Professional saddle. Weinmann 293 sprint rims. 172.5 mm cranks

Mark IV: serial nos. F (71), G (72), A (73) and the new W prefix system late 73 onwards) for 1971-1977 manufacture.

F serial nos. (1971) of which this particular cycle is the an example is identical to the Mark III except for the new blue mink and silver livery and is shown in the 1972 catalogue in the old brown mink/silver scheme but still called a Mark IV.

Many "G" serial no. (1972) examples have Haden Birds Mouth lugs, rapid taper chainstays and mudguard eyelets. 126 mm rear spacing and six-speed freewheels (many original examples being Regina). 170 mm cranks. Campagnolo pedals stamped "1037 on pedal body. Brooks small rivet Professional saddle. AVA eyeletted sprint rims.

"G" higher serial nos (7000s up) and "A" serial nos. (1973) models usually have dimpled chainstays and show considerably greater front fork rake. "G"

Sock yarn Stash 1-1-07

Sock yarn Stash 1-1-07
My sock yarn stash. I’ve knit 1.8 pairs of socks. (Not including the failed first sock (too small) and failed snake on a sock (also too small)). I’m in love with the cider moon yarn. You must get some! The colorways are Awesome!
Since I set high goals during socktoberfest (and more enjoyed knitting socks than completing them!) I’m going to shoot high again, because after all, it is for the joy of knitting!

4445 yards = 2.53 miles

Here I come 1 mile!!!! (approximately 4 pairs I’m thinking? hooooo boy!)

gold toe gear socks

gold toe gear socks

Robeez Baby-Boys Newborn 6 Pack Puppy Socks, Red/Brown Multi, 0-6 Months
Robeez Socks 6 Pack Socks Designed to coordinate perfectly with Robeez Shoes, these playful socks are made from Cotton and feature whimsical motifs, a special kick-proof gather to ensure that they stay on babies and toddlers feet. They come in a gift box with six distinctive Robeez themed-designs. Perfect for gifting or everyday wear. The quality, whimsy and fun you expect from Robeez now in Robeez Socks! A sure hit at Baby Showers! Easy care: Washable and dryable with a skid-resistant bottom